QT: error: cannot find -lQtMultimedia

The QtMul­ti­me­dia library is not avail­able in Ubun­tu. If you’re try­ing to cre­ate in Qt a project that uses it, it will fail with fol­low­ing error:

error: can­not find -lQt­Mul­ti­me­dia

To fix it, you have to install qtmo­bil­i­ty and use mul­ti­me­dia items from this lib. Install qtmo­bil­i­ty-dev and lib­de­clar­a­tive-mul­ti­me­dia. Then remove QT += mul­ti­me­dia from .pro file and add INCLUDEPATH to QtMo­bil­i­ty and QtMul­ti­me­di­aK­it direc­to­ries.