Месяц: Март 2013

Incorrect characters in the list of audio devices in Java

Every­one knows, that audio devices are list­ed in Java with AudioSystem.getMixerInfo(). Mac users know, that the only sound device they have for Mac­in­tosh is Built-in Input, Built-In out­put and Java Sound Audio Engine, ver­sion 1.0. And only the ones who use non-latin sym­bols in OS, know about the prob­lem with this func­tion: Cyril­lic let­ters looks…

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Git: How to rename a GitHub repo

GitHub allows to rename your repos. I real­ly like this solu­tion. Install curl if you haven’t and use ter­mi­nal (or cyg­win under win­dows): user=MyUserName pass=MyPassword newName=’{“name”: “New­Name­For­Re­po”}’ oldName=“MyRepo” curl -u “$user:$pass” -X PATCH -d “$new­Name” https://api.github.com/repos/$user/$oldName

QT: error: cannot find -lQtMultimedia

The QtMul­ti­me­dia library is not avail­able in Ubun­tu. If you’re try­ing to cre­ate in Qt a project that uses it, it will fail with fol­low­ing error: error: can­not find -lQt­Mul­ti­me­dia To fix it, you have to install qtmo­bil­i­ty and use mul­ti­me­dia items from this lib. Install qtmo­­bil­i­­ty-dev and lib­de­clar­a­­tive-mul­ti­me­­dia. Then remove QT += mul­ti­me­dia from…

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